F.O.G. architecture’s birdie cup espresso nested beneath floating white puffs

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F.O.G. ARCHITECTURE’s inflatable landmark in shanghai


nested between shanghai‘s historic-turned-fashionable community of fengshengli is the ‘birdie cup coffee’ café by F.O.G. architecture. masking just 25-sq.-meters, the style-minded espresso shop would seem to float amongst the tightly packed townhouse-like ‘shikumen’ buildings and business areas, and is positioned correct beside the metro station. defined by its inflatable roof and luminous glass quantity, the venture celebrates the bustling character of the area and its incessant move of pedestrians, marking a pacifying ’emotional landmark.’

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a comfortable shelter of ‘floating puffs’


the layout of birdie cup coffee by F.O.G. architecture (see a lot more below) is pushed by the idea of ‘de-architecture.’ the crew would make use of massive parts of glass framed by a matte-finish metallic to produce an outward-looking and transparent house. the workforce partners rigidity with softness — a minimal colour palette of white and grey is moderated with the softened, pillowed types of the inflated roof and heat lighting.


throughout all of F.O.G. architecture’s functions, the roof is a vital factor. with the café in fengshengli, the roof functions as a lot more than a signage element, as is the scenario for lots of business areas. as a substitute, it establishes a bodily aesthetic as the total vision of the brand. the shop is formalized into a quantity of ‘white floating puffs,’ which elevates the metallic body into a soft shelter for a short keep.

birdie cup coffee shanghai



birdie cup coffee, a retreat from the bustling streets


the structure crew at F.O.G. architecture notes that it avoids associating the roof of birdie cup coffee with these kinds of imagery as clouds, pillows, or balloons. in its place, the studio encourages people to visualize a additional one of a kind, spontaneous connection to the room. the café is a spot of retreat, its tender floating puffs enabling readers to ‘zone out.’


meanwhile, the limited palette and pale, de-saturated hues request to emphasize the cost-free style and design of the home windows and facades. this openness dissolves the threshold amongst shoppers and baristas.the group notes a delicate depth — a thin, indirect pillar. this component introduces a secondary layer of dynamism to the house. with its all round framework to its in-depth expression, the challenge marks a stability of structural buy and gentle creativeness.

birdie cup coffee shanghai
the slim, indirect column adds a secondary layer of dynamism

F.O.G. architecture's birdie cup coffee is nested beneath a roof of floating white puffsthe silent café sits suitable beside the bustling metro-station