‘vanoosh villa’ by 35-51 ARCHITECTURE workplace

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‘vanoosh villa’ pairs standard iranian architecture with contemporary structure accents 


Set in Northern Iran, ‘Vanoosh Villa’ is a a few-section, private home completed by 35-51 ARCHITECTURE business office. Adorned with a internet-like, timber structure, the job expresses an indoor-out of doors way of life that is concurrently new and rooted in custom.


‘Iranian traditional architecture has taught us how to create areas that are risk-free, versatile, and responsive to residents’ desires. And present day architecture has taught us to eradicate any unwanted options. Vanoosh Villa is an endeavor to convey these classes into fact,’ opinions the practice. 



supplying privacy, a limitless region, and a harmless room 


Elaborating on the practice’s remark, ‘Vanoosh Villa’ responds to 3 needs: evoking a limitless space, building a secure place, and providing privateness. Based on individuals requests, 35-51 ARCHITECTURE office (see more below) laid out the making volume rather innovatively. 


Commencing with the ask for for a ‘limitless area’, the architects expanded the villa’s territorial arrive at by breaking it down into three distinct zones, fairly distanced from a single yet another: a area to cook, a spot to snooze, and a location to socialize. When serving separate capabilities, all a few blocks are connected by corridors, enabling residents to movement from one room to an additional quickly. These corridors are equipped with detachable partitions to accommodate the distinctive seasons and alternate among separating and connecting the three blocks. The latter also offers superior ventilation by permitting prevailing winds arrive in from the northwest to amazing down the whole villa in the course of the summer season warmth. 

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Moving on to the 2nd request, the architects provided a ‘protected room’ designed like a modest, impartial villa that sits much extra discreetly inside the overall layout.


As for privacy, the three separate blocks had been arranged in these types of a way as to give cozy and intimate spaces for residents to appreciate. The semi-open up wood canopy is an additional try at privateness by ultimately filling it up with climbing vegetation to make a green, visible buffer that extends to the community. ‘One particular may perhaps say that what we have been hunting to develop private areas that are open to the mother nature and bordering ecosystem. It opens to welcome you and closes to defend,’ concludes the staff. 

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project details:


name: Vanoosh

area: Northern Iran 

architecture: 35-51 ARCHITECTURE workplace
team: Hamid Abbasloo, Abbas Yaghooti, Neda Adiban Rad



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